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The Customer Prevention Culture

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The Customer Prevention Culture

By Tom Halpin

The Customer Prevention Culture highlights a systemic problem pervasive in most organizations, the underlying causes and impact to the customer. While no person, team or company would knowingly sabotage their own business, when left to their own devices and without leadership directing them to a higher standard, The Customer Prevention Culture℠ leaves organizations diseased, making it painful for customers to do business. Rather than deploying enterprise resources – people, process and technology – around the customer to support shared organizational outcomes, those practicing The Customer Prevention Culture℠ suffer from five key missteps that result in a friction-filled customer experience.

In the book, The Culture of Commerce℠ is introduced as a standard that creates an organizational way of life, resulting in a positive atmosphere to attract, acquire and retain customers. With the adoption of The Culture of Commerce℠ teams realize their workflows are interdependent and interconnected, enabling the organization to thrive. The customer is returned to being king, doing business becomes effortless and The Sales Engine℠ is unleashed.




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