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Child Custody: A Complete Guide for Parents

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Child Custody: A Complete Guide for Parents

by Henry S. Gornbein, Esq., and Jack P. Haynes, Ph.D.

When separating or divorcing, parents find themselves facing myriad issues: legal custody, physical custody, parenting time, psychological evaluations, and a host of others as they navigate the legal system. Those who have a better understanding of what to expect and the pitfalls they may encounter along the way will be better equipped to handle the process. This book is based on the authors’ collective decades of experience working with child custody from the legal and psychological standpoints. Their ultimate goal is to help parents stay out of court while providing information and ideas about what is best for children from infancy to adulthood. Being informed means parents are in a better position to control their own destinies and shape a future that is best for their children — and themselves.

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